04 May 2009

"I'm Sorry" Roses Explained

I love my roses!
My story is not entirely unusual:
Girl meets boy.
Girl and boy spend time together.*
Girl asks boy not to do something;
Boy does it anyway.**
Boy lies about doing it.***
Girl knows boy is lying.
Girl and boy fight.****
Girl cries.
Boy feels bad.*****
Boy brings girl flowers at work in an attempt to make her forget what he did.******

*Can you figure out who it is? I'm not gonna put it in the blog world...although maybe I should...He'd probably love the credit for the flowers.
**What he did isn't really all that bad (but dont tell him that. As far as he knows it's the end of the world). He just had really bad timing. And I'd already asked him not to do it (which is the problem).
***And then he lied about it, which automatically makes it worse (well, actually this is the real problem).
****By "fight" I mean: he apologized profusely while I sat quietly because if I tried to talk there will be no stopping the tears.
*****Really. He put it second to when his mother passed away.
******Except that instead of just flowers they are Roses. Beautiful Roses. A whole dozen of them. In a vase. With a bow. And purple (my favorite color) filler.


JR and Summer said...

I wonder who gave you those? ??

Heath said...

Hum--Who could it be? :-)

We are Ben and Rebecca said...

Well.... not fair- I'm all the way out here, I don't ever have a clue what's going on