18 May 2009

I still can't believe it.

A while back I was hungry as we left a sporting goods store and saw this place:

We decided to go in and try it out. It was fun because we got to sit in the special area (I cant remember what they called it) Where there are blocks placed around the table, so it's almost like siting on the floor to eat your food. You have to take your shoes off before entering the booth, and you walk around on the blocks to find your seat. We ate some interesting food.
I ordered the teriyaki chicken.

It was very good, and well presented. (This is after I'd taken a few bites because I forgot my camera in the car...Someone was super nice enough to go get it for me. :-)) It came with some California Rolls (in the front of the picture--Don't you love the tray it is served on!?! I think the rolls in the background are called spicy rolls, but I'm not sure.).

But definitely the most crazy/exciting thing I ate has to be the Vegas roll, with cream cheese.
You notice that in the last picture it's white on the outside, because of the rice? And see how on top of the Vegas Rolls it's not white? That would be because there is eel on it. That's right--EEL. And I ate it. Two pieces of eel topped sushi. I definitely deserve some ice cream. Something with chocolate and caramel and peanut butter and...*

*Sorry--I'm lost in a dream of ice cream toppings. I might have to make a trip out to 21 choices on my lunch break...

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