13 April 2009

Hot shot

I went to Bass Pro Shop with a friend and while he was continuing his love affair in the ammo department, I was left to wonder around and entertain myself...And I came across this arcade style game. I played once and my score was somewhere in the 300's, a "fair shot" according to the score chart.

I played a second time, and guess what my score was:

629!?! Ya- I'm good. In fact, I'm so good, I'm off the charts. I'm totally impressed, since I didn't hit a target with every shot.* And just as I finished playing my friend came up behind me and I could brag about it a little. He recommended that I take a picture so I could blog about it. Now that's a real friend.

*There really must have been a mistake, but who am I to refuse a gift from the point master in a video game?

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