03 December 2008

You're fantastic!

It's no secret that I'm a total dork, but...I keep discovering new levels of dorkiness that I never knew I had. Like today, I've been sending out CD's for work, and on happened to notice the name of one of my favorite customers, I decided I needed to say hi...this is what I did:

And maybe it's just that it's the holiday season, so I'm extra cheery. Or maybe it's something else, but I think that while everyone likes to be complimented, I get giddy over it. Because I answered the phone today and had the following conversation with a different customer,

Me: This is Heather.

Customer: You're back?

Me: (A little confused, because I'm unaware I left.) Ya.

C: What is it, 5 years now?

Me: (Starting to understand) Something like that

C: Well, I have to say, I'm glad to hear it. I love talking to you.

Me: Um...Thanks!

C: No, thank you. Ever since you started working there, I've had excellent customer service. You should tell your boss.

Well, maybe I will do that--it is about time for a Christmas bonus, right? Thank you customer.

Dear boss

In case you are unaware, I am wonderful.



PS-I like money.

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Rachel said...

I've been saying it for years.