16 December 2008

Should I stay or should I go?

I've noticed a trend in my blog usage. One I'm not really proud of. And so I'm debating signing off for a while. See, the reason I don't like some of the websites out there (I won't mention any names) is because it gives people too much freedom. Freedom they use to "express" themselves which usually annoys me. But lately I've found myself wanting to do the same thing: to put it here because it gets it out there and maybe some day people will understand. But I'm not that special--People probably already "understand" pretty much everything I have to say. So, why do I need to post my complaints? Shouldn't it be enough to just to write about it? Leave it quietly sitting there. Outside of my head, but still not on the Internet. Shouldn't that be enough? So that's why I think I'm going to avoid posting for a little while... Too many things for me to complain about. Things I wouldn't want to read about.
So, I'm sorry...And maybe I'll get back on after this semester is over...after I finish that huge project at work...after the branches combine...after life calms down...haha, you know--never.


Andrea said...

I seriously think you should re-think this decision. I know how you feel but I love to read your blog! :)

Rachel said...

Stay! Stay!

I love reading it too.

Nicole said...

It's probably not a horrible idea to give it a rest. Sometimes I get so time-consumed with blogging that it's probably not healthy. You're on my Google Reader, so I'll see your posts, however infrequent they may be.

Mr. Hall said...

Stay. If you go, then where in the world am I going to get all of my shrugs 'n kisses? You are the only one who offers either of them for me. . . :)

Heath said...

You are all very kind. We will see if I have anything to blog about in the future; it really will depend on that. I really did enjoy blogging, but it seems like lately I write only in question marks. And I don't want to be that girl. *shrugs*

PS. I'd be glad to give both shrugs and kisses in real life--just call me. *kisses*

Jennette said...

I like question marks. I don't mind venting. I hardly get your real hugs anymore. Your blog is the only way my life remains "heather-ful."