18 November 2007

Who has amazing friends?

I DO!!!

Today, as I was organizing some of my pictures, I found this one. There were actually a few like them, but I think this is my favorite.

As I was in the other room, they (I don't remember who else was there...in all honestly I don't really know when it was, aside from that date in the corner...what were we doing? I have no clue....and I think that makes it even more fun.) found my camera and took some pictures--isn't that sweet?! That way, I can find them later and have a nice surprise. I never did say thank you...but I do mean it now that I am saying it: THANK YOU!!!

I sure do hope that by being your friend, some of your greatness and creativity will rub off on me. :-)
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Rachel said...

I completely forgot about those. And now I can't remember the circumstance. Oh well. Notice that I'm doing the Tyra Banks smiling-with-your-eyes technique, which looks exactly like Tyra looked when she demonstrated it, meaning possessed.