08 November 2007

Thanks Fireman Trav!

Ok, so I know I owe you some pictures from the Marine Corp Ball, but I have to wait till my sister decides to e-mail them to me. The formality of the event required a dressy clutch instead of my huge pink "Kaiser Permanente" tote, and between the three of us girl we could find only 1 dressy looking purse. That meant we took the smallest phone (Lisa's), camera (Cindy's), chap stick, and gum. And that's all that would fit--and even then it all had to be arranged just right or the clasp wouldn't close.

So, anyway, while I wait for pictures to come, I thought I'd share with you the pictures we took with my phone on Monday. As some of you know, I have a weekend job. Well, this weekend it carried over into Monday morning for a prayer breakfast event which was held at the local fire station. During the praying portion of the event, when we really couldn't do anything because it would be too much of a distraction, we were outside by the fire engine. Now, obviously there were some very attractive firemen. I mean, really. I think that's one of the requirements for being a fireman. (I think being saved by a Hottie-McHotterson helps give fire victims a reason/motivation to get through the ordeal alive.) So, we were standing around the truck being nosey and looking in the open doors of the truck, when Hottie McFireman walked around the front of the truck. We'll call him...Trav. :-) I was obviously caught, so I said, "Oh, sorry. We're just being nosey." To which he replied "Oh, no, don't worry. You can climb all over that thing." ...So we did. We climbed in. We looked around at everything. We opened the ice chest (full of water packs). We put our numbers in the cell phone that was charging (not really, but now that I think of it, we totally should have!). And when Fireman Trav was finished with his paper work he came over and answered any questions we had. He said we could put on the hard helmet that was sitting on the back shelf--which we did. And we took pictures in it. My picture is pretty unflattering, but here is Cindy (she's always cute):

After laughing at us for playing super model with the helmet, Fireman Trav. took us around the outside of the truck and opened all the cabinets to show us what's inside. He explained the different uses of the 2.5 inch hose and the 4 inch hose; showed us the secret hiding spots for the 4 extra air tanks; the chain saw; the little Velcro pouch that has their color coded cards in it. and then, when our coworker came over to ask if we brought the "Sterno fire putter-outers" Fireman Trav said "Well, there's the hose. You girls are qualified firefighters now." And walked away, leaving us with full permission to use the fire truck as needed to put out any fires we could find. (Well, that's not a direct quote, but...) All in all, a wonderful day. I mean, it totally made my 4 am wake up worth it. And I was a happy camper when I went to my real job and then to school. :-)


Liz said...

First of all, 4am! Oh man, I'm not sure I'd be awake enough to absorbe the cuteness of the firemen.

Second, no picture of Fireman Trav.? Darn.

Laura said...

That sounds like fun! But I would have been way too shy to have done any of that. Yeah, where's the picture of the fireman?

Heather said...

Well, we just had my camera to take the pictures, so...that didnt really do much good. But I really think I need to go back for a refresher course in firetruck opperation ;-) I'll invite you. ...I really think I will do it, too. :-) I LOVE being cute!!!

Rachel said...

You are the luckiest! A free tutorial from a hot fireman. Dream come true.