26 July 2011

MP3 Purchased

That's right--I actually did buy an MP3. Not just for my bike rides, either. I bought it for the train ride to Chicago. What, you didn't know I was taking a train to Chicago? Don't feel bad, because as much as I feel like I've been shouting it from the rooftops for 2 months (at least), last week everyone was shocked when I mentioned how excited I was for it. Because I was SO EXCITED for it! I've been home for a few days now, and am still giddy about my adventure. :-)
Trust me: You need to take a train ride, and you need to have a sleeper roomette when you do it. I'm totally planning a trip to Seattle soon, if you want to come with me. I am a convert. Travel by train is so much more enjoyable than flying.
Sure, it takes longer, but I promise it is worth it! Okay, I guess I can't promise that. You have to enjoy leisure time and have the ability to entertain yourself. Of course we had books to read and games to play games and friends to make,
but even with all that to do, I still found myself staring out the window at amazing views:

I could have spend 2 more days looking out those windows!

...Not to mention all the fun to be had once we reached our destination...
Edited: If you want more information about our time in Chicago, check out Rachel's post. She's fantastic.


Andrea said...

Your trip sounds amazing, I'm quite jealous! :)

Desiree P said...

You have to visit me when you go to Seattle! Our town even has an Amtrak stop. I haven't seen you in forever.

Heath said...

Andrea-- It was an amazing trip! You should totally take a train ride!

Desiree-- It really has been a long time...I can't even remember the last time I saw you. I'll definitely let you know when I take the Seattle trip. I mean, you have an Amtrak stop, and that's like fate telling me that I have to.

Christy said...

WHAT! maybe i'm dumb, but i didn't even know this was an option for traveling! so cool!