21 February 2011

"It's snowing!" SLAM!

I know, I know--I've been fairly absent for a long time. I'm not sure what's wrong with me. I still do things and think "this would be a great blog entry" and "I'm so blogging about this" but I never actually make it to my blog. I assure you that I am still alive. For the last few months, I can blame my absence on work. I've been working a lot. In fact, I'm working right now, so I can't blog much, but I wanted to make sure I start posting again.

A few nights ago I decided to take an evening drive. I used to to that all the time, but it's been a while. Life must be going well for me. ;-) Anyway, I was driving around, and headed up to Baldy.

About the time I came out of the tunnels, there was snow on the ground. To all you people who need your snow, this picture was taken just (Edited: I guess I probably shouldn't say where I live...) miles from my house*:

What?!? I am so glad I was wearing my super warm Old Navy Pea Coat! We got out and had a little snow ball fight, tried to read the gangsta tagging in the snow, and then quickly got back into the warm vehicle.

Anyway, did you notice that A up there on the map? That's about how far up I made it. When we started sliding on the road I insisted the truck be turned around. The driver said we'd just go to the Village and then turn around--not that much further, right? But if you know the area, you'd also know that there is a big hill by the school, and I didn't want to chance sliding down it and not being able to get home.** I know, I'm a baby; but I stopped wearing diapers long ago, and and if we'd gone any further, well, they would have come in handy.

*Which is exactly how it should be--Snow belongs in the mountains, not in my front yard/driveway/commonly used streets.
**Granted, I do know people who live very near that same hill, so we could have paid them a little visit, but I didn't see the need to mention that...


Christy said...

dang gina! i'm glad it wasn't like that when we were there. we're still fantasizing about that dreamy california weather... :)

i'm glad to see you blogging again!

Heath said...

It was in the mountains, but still. I really don't know how you guys live in snow. I would either become a recluse, or die of the stress. I mean, I had my nails in the driver's arm and I clutched to both him and the passenger side handle thing for dear life, and that was after only like a minute of driving in snow. Major points to you, my friend.