17 December 2009

Christmas Activities

For whatever reason, I am particularly craving holiday spirit this year. I know of Thuroughbread in Alta Loma/Rancho Cucamongs, the Festival of Lights at Riverside's Mission Inn, The Nativity Scenes on Euclid Avenue in Ontario, the Euclid Star, and The Living Nativity at Granite Creek in Claremont. Google/maps is advertising this, which could be an interesting way to pass time.

Can you recommend anything else? What are your favorite holiday traditions?


Emryn said...

My favorite Christmas tradition is the "AND" game. Everyone brings a$5-10 gift. Everyone chooses a present as the game begins. You read the birth of Christ in Luke 2 and everytime you hear the word "and" you pass the gift to the person to your left.When the story is over, whatever present you end up with is the present you open. It is a fun way to read the birth story.

Jennette said...

oooh!! I love the Festival of Lights! I went there last year for the first time and it was so cool!! I'm planning on going there the Monday after Christmas and then a little swing dancing afterwards. I can't miss out on my birthday dance! Let me know if you want to come! (I'll be home the 24th through the 2nd, definitly want to see you!!)

Heath said...

Emryn-- That sounds like a really fun game! I'll have to try it some time.

Jennette-- I've never been to the Festival of Lights, but I'm planning on going tonight. I'm super excited! I'd probably be more than happy to go again on Monday; and dancing! I LOVE dancing.