28 January 2008


Well, school started last week. I'd like to tell you that I'm really excited...but I'm honestly not. I mean, so far my teachers all seem very nice and fairly flexable, so that's all fine and dandy. The hesitation I have is with the schedule. I've gotten so spoiled with being able to schedule all my classes in 2 days, back to back, with minimal disturbance to my work schedule...and then last semester I had school on only 1 day! That was nice! :-) But this semester I have to leave work early and head to school 4 days a week! 4!!! Sick and wrong. But it's not too bad, I guess, especially since I mangaed to convince a cute, young, male teacher to add me to his already full class, which allowed me to drop the class taught by the horribly, mean, woman teacher (who's class I dropped last semester because she was unwilling to let me take the final on a different day, even though she'd changed her final date from that set by the school); or the fact that 2 of my classes use the same book, therefore saving me hundreds of dollars (...even though it means I will be attending the same class twice just because my anal department doesn't accept classes from different departments. ...How much trouble would I get in for filling their offices with baccon milkshake?) And thus far, the classes seem to be fairly simple contentwise, even though they will all require a lot of (busy) work. ...You know what? I've just made an important decision--I'll have to go do some planning. Sorry to rant and run, but...I'm gonna!


Amanda said...

Just glad to see you posting again! I've missed you.

Liz said...

Hey, wait! What's the important decision? (P.S. Also glad you're posting again!)

Erica said...

I'm so anti people posting a blog with no pictures. I don't know if we can be blog buddies anymore.


Erica said...

Oh, and, you should check out Hoffa's blog. It's got cute pics of her baby on it.