10 October 2007


Is there a full moon this week or am I just wearing a huge "I love crazy people" sign?

At school on Monday I gave this kid directions to whatever he was looking for, and then my class happened to be on the way there...so we walked together. But then he wanted to walk down the stairs and into the building of where my classroom was...Fine whatever--I'd never see him again...Right? WRONG--when I came out of class 3 hours later he was there waiting for me. He thought it would be nice to walk me to my car--but he wanted to stop by his car first. I said " no, that's ok. I can see my car from here. You can go to your car, and I'll go to mine." But he insisted that I wait for him to go to his car because he had something for me...I was pretty weirded out by this, since I didn't know him, and seriously, what would this kid I met today have for me? In his car? Weird. So anyway, I waited in the institute parking lot while he went to his car to get whatever it was...And do you know what he came back with? Here's a picture of it:

Thats right--a flower. A red Rose. That was nice of him...but along with the 150 personally invasive questions he'd already asked it was a little too much, way too soon.

And last night I went to my fav. little coffee shop to get a hot coaco and read my book club book, but instead of getting nice quite time by myself, I had the peasure of spending an hour entertaining another young man who was a little too forward in his attempt at kindness. I'm flattered, I really am, but are you really so ignorant to nonverbal cues that you think I will kiss you at the end of the intrusive evening? Or did you just think I'd find your lip-infusion gloss irrestable?


Laura said...

Boy...you sure know how to attract the weirdos! This makes me nervous for you. Get some pepper spray - I never leave home without it - and be careful!

Heather said...

Meh--They are harmless. Their only offense is social awkwardness. and I avoid any where that I'd have to be alone with them. ...And when I go to Brazil, I'm gonna get myself a nice little weapon--a key with 4 "blades" It's the coolest thing I'd ever seen!!!

Rachel said...

Seriously? He gave you a rose!? There's no denying that you are one foxy hot tamale, but that's a little creepy. You should practice your karate chop to fend these boys off.

Liz said...

First of all, poor you Heather. You're so nice. I would probably have told a million lies to get them to leave.

Second, what's your favorite little coffee shop? I want one too.

Heather said...

We should all have a fav. little coffee shop--I'll share mine with you. Let's go some time, so I can show you where it is--it's tucked behind everything else, and hard for me to explain. :-)

Rachel said...

Hi Heather!
Because you've been slow in blogging I've tagged you. Read my blog for more info.